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Today we have Faust back on the channel who in my mind is one of the most underrated players in the entire game. In this video he’s playing this extremely fast royal giant cycle deck that only costs an average of 3 elixir. Due to the high use rates of Pekka and x-bow this deck is stronger because of the RG and miner combo. In single elixir you’ll mainly use this deck as a miner cycle deck then in double elixir you can use the RG to finish off their tower. Against graveyard you will need to use miner defensively then use the mega minion on their tank, try to activate if you get the opportunity. Against bait decks try to activate as early as possible and keep up the pressure with the miner. If you find yourself against xbow then use the RG defensively and have fireball ready to take down their defensive units.

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Miner is your main win condition in most matches. Use him to chip away at the opponents towers throughout and keep using him to apply pressure. He can also be used to snipe ranges units like princess, dart goblin, magic archer and even the executioner or musketeer.

Ice Wizard

Ice wizard is an important defensive unit that synergies extremely well on defence. Always try to use this guy so it has your princess towers supporting him because his DPS is fairly low. It’s also one of your main air defence cards along with the mega minion, use the ice spirit to support these units if necessary.


Skeletons are a great cycle unit however the key to having success with quick cycle decks is maintaining an elixir advantage. So try to make positive elixir trades when cycling and use them to counter units like musketeer or catch a miner. Then can also be used to surround splash units like sparky or executioner aswell or even stop a charging unit like prince or bandit.

Early Stage Gameplan

Single elixir you should use this deck as a miner chip cycle deck. Don’t play the RG unless you get a good opportunity, for example if they play a Pekka in the back or you have an elixir advantage. I also recommend trying to activate your king tower as early as possible, especially against hog rider, ram rider, lumber jack, miner, bait, balloon and graveyard. You can start out the match with a miner in the safe spot or you can also cycle ice spirit at the bridge.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir a solid defensive is extremely important because if you lose one tower it’ll be difficult to take a second tower in most matchups. RG will become your main win condition in double elixir however pairing him with the miner can be important to help get some essential extra chip damage. You can also use miner and fireball cycle, to help win matches where the opponent has a lot of counters to your royal giant.

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