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Ash posted 2 years ago (updated 2 years ago)

Despite the elixir golem nerf you can see from today’s replays that the elixir golem really makes this deck so strong. The elixir golem is your win condition, he can do so much damage if he reaches the opponents tower. Every else in this’s deck is purely for defensive capabilities and supporting the elixir golem. The executioner, Valkyrie and tornado are great defensive units that provide a huge counter push potential. They can defend both ground and air. Wait to defend then you can go in on the counter push by playing the elixir golem at the bridge.

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Night Witch

Night witch is probably the best support unit for golems. He spawning bats are great for helping take down the opponents defensive units. Use her behind the golem so he can tank tower damage.


Rocket is everywhere in this meta because of the amount of sparky and executioners. This card will be your main counter to sparky if the opponent is running it. Executioner tornado can counter this deck so you mai got need to rocket their executioner. Always take spell value when you can by hitting their tower and taking out a unit that costs 5 elixir or more. Learn what damage this card does along with the log in case you need to spell cycle in overtime.


Tornado is one of my favourite spells in the whole game, it has great synergy with a lot of units in the game especially with the Valkyrie and executioner. This card can also be used to counter units like hog, balloon etc and it should also be used to activate your king tower early game.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game wait up to 30 seconds for your opponent to make the first play. In single elixir you should play reactively and focus on defence and trying to build a good counter push. Don’t go crazy with the rocket, only take good spell value and don’t get too greedy early on.

Late Stage Gameplan

Double elixir this deck becomes even stronger. You can start pressuring opposite lane and this is a good strategy to use against siege and control archetypes. You can use your rocket more aggressively especially against the executioner if the opponent is relying on it for defence. Keep up pressure once you have the elixir lead, force them to respond defensively and try to control the tempo of the match. Good luck with this deck!

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