Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Spell cycle is now viable for the first time in a long time, it requires a lot of skill and patience to use, you can see from the card you have extremely strong defence with he Valkyrie, ice wizard and Tesla. So you have to rely on your spells as your win conditions. Today we have Surg TS playing this deck live on Ladder. The main rules for using this deck is you have to take spell value if they play units behind their towers. You always have multiple spells so don’t be afraid to rely on your spells. Just ensure you never give your opponent good spell value, if they can take out your Tesla and Ice wizard with a lightening then you’re going to have a hard time defending.

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Rocket is your heaviest spell, it is great for taking out the executioners and sparky which can pose a huge threat. I would say in single elixir you can rocket any units that cost five elixir or more if you can hit their tower at the same time. In double elixir you can rocket any units that cost four elixir or more.


Poison is another win condition in this deck, however it will be your main counter against graveyard decks which are increasingly in popularity every single day. Your can use it to hit spawner units like tombstone, goblin hut or furnace too.

Ice Wizard

Ice wizard and tornado will be absolutely key once defence. Try to keep ice wizard alive just like you would a princess in a bait deck. Never give your opponent any spell value with this card!!

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game never make the first move, wait for your opponent to make the first play even if you have to wait until double elixir. Try to activate your king tower by using the tornado if you get the opportunity. Take any spell value you can against their towers. As always try to work out what deck the opponent is playing, for single elixir you might need to keep certain spells in cycle to use against their win condition, for example log against the goblin barrel or position against graveyard.

Late Stage Gameplan

This deck will most likely go into sudden death almost ever battle. With the new no draw rule you can defend and slowly chip away and eventually win the match through spell value. Check out the video to see the best Tesla placement to kite units like the hog rider.

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