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Today we have Flobby on the channel sharing this deck that he used to push extremely high on ladder. This is such a great deck because it’s an off meta deck so your opponent won’t be expecting you to be running it. This deck is a counter push deck, so play passively and react to what your opponent plays. Learn what deck they’re running and mirror your units accordingly. For example you might need to mirror executioner against spam decks or against an ewiz you should mirror the sparky or even at the end of the match you might want to mirror the elixir golem. This deck is perfect for split lane pushing, especially if you can force your opponent to apply opposite lane pressure if you play a sparky in the back, mirrored elixir golem is good to aid both lanes at the same time.

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Sparky is a great tank killer and against heavier decks you might rely on mirroring this unit to help you out on defence. The bats and skeletons can be used to help bait out the zap spell if the opponent is running it.


Mirror works so well because you can mirror the executioner, the sparky or even the rocket to finish games if it goes into sudden death! Another reason this card works so well is because the high use rate of rocket and lightning in the meta you can bait out their big spell then simply mirror the unit again.

Elixir Golem

Elixir golem is your main tank unit, although he costs 3 Elixir you need to be patient and use him on the counter push. Always have units behind him to support him to help keep those sentient blobs alive for as long as possible.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game don’t make a move until your opponent does. Try to just react and survive until double elixir by taking as little damage as possible. Learn what deck your opponent is playing and keep a mental note of what counted they’ve have to your main cards. The cycle units can offer a lot of value and help you gain an elixir advantage.

Late Stage Gameplan

Double elixir is the time this deck truly shines! You can start to use the mirror to your advantage. You can see from today’s replays that Flobby will happily mirror the rocket to finish a match! Don’t forget to check out todays video!

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