Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Today we have JuicyJ on the channel sharing this super strong deck that is taking over the meta! He’s recently pushed to fifth in the world using this OP deck! This deck combines beat down and a quick cycle deck. The sparky, executioner and tornado have great defensive offensive synergy. The cycle units allow you to make positive elixir trades on defence and then cash in on that trade on your counter push. This get has a lot of defensive potential the mini pekka is a great tank killer and can also be used to help stop miners or even an executioner. If your against another sparky deck you can use your skeletons to tank a hit from their sparky, or you should try to be the last person to zap.

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Sparky is the best unit you can play in the back providing your opponent doesn’t have rocket. If you play this deck correctly and learn how to cycle you can easily get multiple sparky’s on the map. This card will be mainly be used on defence unless you have an elixir advantage. Try to bait out the opponents zap spell with your bats if you get the opportunity.


Executioner is probably the best card in the game, his damage is absolutely insane which is why it works so well with the Tornado because you can pull their units together to shut down their push. If the opponent has rocket you can use this card or the sparky, depending on the opponents deck to try and bait out their rocket.


Giant is your tank and should be played at the bridge in front of your surviving units to apply some counter push pressure. It can also be used to kite like like perks, ghost or prince into the opposite lane if you place him at the river. The giant works so well with sparky because he has a slower movement speed which allows you to build up a bigger push to steam roll your opponent. Giant can be played in the back if your sparky is out of cycle and you need to save your executioner for defence.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game try to play passively and work out what deck your opponent is playing. Counter push if you get the opportunity and also aim to activate your king tower within the first minute of the match. You will rely heavily on cycle units to defend in single elixir and also they’ll be important to help protect your executioner or sparky from ranged units.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir you can easily apply dual lane pressure if you cycle correctly and can get back to a second giant. You need to be building up a large push because you don’t have much direct damage, it’s ok to take some small damage opposite lane however try to defend lightly and avoid them completely taking your towers. Good luck with this deck!

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