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This deck is brought to us today by a Free to Play player called Makarious! He’s been using this deck to climb high on ladder and beat some of the best players in the world! This dual win condition deck allows you to keep up the constant pressure throughout the match and force your opponent to spend elixir defensively rather than on offence. This deck is a heavy bait deck especially the small spell in your opponents deck which can be the log, zap, snowball or barb barrel. If you can successfully bait it out then go ahead and punish them with your miner and another’s bait unit! Always try to get value from your two elixir units, just like makarious does who will use them defensively then apply some counter push pressure! You can easily apply dual lane pressure, especially against those heavier or more defensive decks which rely on a counter push. You might need to keep switching lanes in order to force your opponent to split their elixir as well, this will be Important against graveyard as well!

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Miner is one of your win conditions. Use him to chip away at the opponents towers and also to tank tower damage for your squishy units like goblins or bats. Keep switching up his placement to make it hard to predict where he’s going to land. Playing him behind their tower can potentially kite back any defensive units they play which will increase the chances of your support units or the mortar connecting to their tower.


Mortar is your other win condition in this deck, it can be used defensively to kite units like hog, ram rider and even the balloon. Always support this card if you know your opponent doesn’t have a good counter in cycle, it’s worth playing even if you only get one mortar hit because it does similar damage to a fireball while also forcing a response from your opponent.


Rascals in my opinion are one of the strongest units in the game. They work great on defence because they can help defend against both air and ground unit while also forcing a log from your opponents hand. Use them to support your mortar on offence if you get the opportunity.

Early Stage Gameplan

Because of the speed of this deck you’re going to want to start out the match early on. You can start out the the mortar at the bridge or even a miner in the safe spot. Take all spell value you can, the fireball will be important if the three musketeers become meta after the upcoming balance changes.

Late Stage Gameplan

Double elixir or triple elixir you’ll really be able to ramp up the pressure and keep cycling those miners and mortars on the opponents tower. With this deck a good offence is definitely the best defence! Take all spell value you can, in overtime you might need to rely on spell cycling in order to win the match so learn what damage your two spells do when paired together.

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