Ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

Today we have Osama on he channel who has been a great three musketeer player for a long time! Now they’ve had a buff and the healer has been added to the game the three musks are well and truly back in the meta. The aim with this deck is to pump up and also try to force out your opponents spells from their hand. Always try to apply dual lane pressure with any musketeer deck that you use, you can also use the battle ram to pressure opposite lane if the opponent plays a large tank behind their towers. The minion horde and goblins can also be use to bait out arrows or zap if the opponent are using them. Remember when using the elixir collector it’s highly important to to protect it from the miner or goblin barrels, try to force out a spell from your opponent which will open the match up to you playing your three musketeers or minions.

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Battle Healer

Battle healer is a new card and people are still learning how to play her, however from what I can she is extremely strong and acts as a great support cards or is even good on defence because she acts as a mini tank due to her healing ability. Use her to help protect your three musketeers or minions if you get the opportunity. Have zap ready to help support her if required.


Giant is your main tank inside this deck and can be used to help keep your musketeers alive for as long as possible. He can be used to kite units like pekka or prince into the opposite lane or stop some units from connecting to your princess towers.

Three Musketeers

Three musketeers should’ve played cautiously and only when you know your opponent can’t punish you for playing them. After their recent buff and the introduction of healer their counter push will be extremely hard to defend. Remember to use them on a split lane push in most matches unless you’re opponent doesn’t have a good counter.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game aim to pump up and gain an elixir advantage. Work out what deck your opponent is playing and try to bait out their key counters to your musketeers. Don’t play too aggressively in single elixir your should only really apply pressure through a counter push or via a battle ram opposite lane if they play a large tank behind their towers.

Late Stage Gameplan

Double elixir you’ll have much more control over your opponent with this deck. Try to use your pump, three musketeers or minions horde to bait out their large spell. Don’t play elixir collector unless you’re sure the game is going into overtime otherwise you’re just wasting elixir and will likely lose the match as a result. Check out the video to see how Osama uses this deck live on ladder!

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