Ash posted 2 years ago (updated 2 years ago)

Basically any deck which has the battle healer in is OP right now however if you want to troll your opponent and basically have immortal units in the field then this is the deck for you! The main aim when using this deck is to get as many battle healers down as possible, if you can successfully get three of them down then you’ll basically win especially in double elixir. Against air decks you’ll rely heavily on pressure opposite lane and stopping them from fully supporting their pushes. Play conservatively in most matchups and wait for a good counter push opportunity to overwhelm your opponent.

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Lumberjack is a great defensive unit that provides a huge counter push potential. Try to pressure the opponent play playing units behind him. You will rely heavily on him to help defend against bridge spam and also bait archetypes.

Battle Healer

Battle healer is incredibly broken, she doesn’t die to rockets or lightening. She synergies very well with almost any unit in the game and also acts as a mini tank for almost all your pushes. You will rely on freeze to help keep her alive against ranged units and also air units like minions.

Night Witch

Night witch is mainly a support card. Try to start out your pushes by playing her in the back to allow her more time to spawn bats. Try to keep her alive by keeping her inside the radius of the healer

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you’ve can start out the match by cycling skeletons to see if the opponent responds. Try to play passively and react to what your opponent plays, this deck is all about building up a solid counter push, unless you’re against an air deck that is!

Late Stage Gameplan

Double elixir you’ll easily be able to cycle through his deck and be able to play two, four or even six battle healers. At that point they will basically make all your units immune to damage and you’ll easily three crown your opponent. Always have your spells ready to freeze or stun ranged units if required.

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