Ash posted 2 years ago (updated 2 years ago)

Today we have Graveyardfam on the channel sharing this deck that he claims is potentially the best graveyard deck ever! You have two tanks in this deck and also the double dragon synergy which provides plenty of air defence. Always learn what deck your opponent is playing before going in with your graveyard. Electro dragon is a great counter to sparky which was seen a lot last season, it also works well against ram rider, inferno dragon or the prince. If they have a beat down deck play reactively and wait for a good opportunity to take their tower.

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Graveyard is your main win condition, check out the video to see the most optimal placement when using this card. I recommend using this card on a counter push when you have plenty of support units down. The only rime you’d use this card aggressively is if the opponent plays a hound or golem behind their king tower and you need to apply immediate pressure at the bridge. Try to make sure they don’t have units that hard counter the graveyard in cycle before using this card. If they have poison you’re really going to need to focus on building up a large counter push to try and overwhelm the opponent.


Freeze synergies very well with graveyard, it can leave the opponent defenceless resulting in you taking their tower. This card is best used to surprise your opponent when you know they’re low on elixir or they don’t have another good counter in cycle. The freeze also works very well with the battle healer! While their units are frozen the battle healer will restore her health and other units around her resulting in an even stronger push which your opponent won’t be able to defend.

Baby Dragon

Baby dragon might have received a nerf recently however it’s still very strong. It makes a great support card for the healer to protect her from air units like bats, minions or even another baby dragon. It synergies very well with the Tornado too.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game always aim to activate your king tower as early as possible to help aid your defence throughout the rest of the match. Don’t play to aggressively, wait for a good counter push opportunity while building a good elixir advantage.

Late Stage Gameplan

After single elixir you can begin to play more aggressively with your graveyard and also have your freeze ready to use against the opponent. Always try to build up a big counter push to overwhelm your opponent. If you’ve taken a tower you can graveyard then drop a unit in the pocket while having freeze ready to support your push.

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