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Today I have the Italian pro player, Giuslay, on my channel with this off meta bait deck that he’s been using to push up high on ladder! This deck offers a lot of answers to the meta that we’re currently in. Bait archetypes are all about punishing your opponent when they don’t have their key counters in cycle or enough elixir to play them. You’ll most likely be aiming to bait out their log, snowball or arrows depending on what the opponent is playing. This deck is also very strong on the defensive end, it can shut down lanes completely and stop any chance the opponent has of a counter push. Because it’s so strong defensively you can always switch up your defensive sequences making it harder for your opponent to make prediction plays.

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Giant Skeleton

From watching today’s guest you can see how aggressively he will use this card both on offence and defence. It’s a great unit to have tanking for your goblin barrel but it also makes you opponent spend elixir to stop him reaching their towers because he will get over 1000 damage from his bomb. He will even use the giant skeleton against air units because it’s bomb will help defend your towers.

Goblin Barrel

Goblin barrel is a great unit to use to pressure your opponent when you need to force them to invest elixir defensively. If you know they’re low on elixir or don’t have a small spell in cycle then you can use this card to apply pressure. When you first play this card place it in the anti Tornado position to help avoid any early king tower activations.


Rocket is a huge damage dealer and can easily be used to take an opponents tower in over time especially if it’s paired with either of the other two spells in this deck. I highly recommend learning what damage your three spells do so you’re never left short on their towers and lose by one or two HP. It’s also a great counter to sparky or elixir collector as well.

Early Stage Gameplan

Giant skeleton or goblin barrel are both great starting plays according to today’s guest. Work out what spells your opponent is playing and then you can aim to bait them out and punish them with the goblin barrel.

Late Stage Gameplan

Double elixir and over time you can make prediction plays with either of your smaller spells to help support your goblin barrels. Keep up the pressure and force your opponent to respond defensively. Good luck with this deck and I highly recommend watching the replays in today’s video to see the decision making.

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