Is this the BEST HEALER DECK yet?!?
Ash posted 2 years ago (updated 2 years ago)

In today’s video we have Sweep on the channel sharing this Elixir golem sparky deck! According to sweep the best way to play this deck is very passively and focus on punishing them on the counter push. Use the elixir golem to tank damage for your sparky and night witch. The healer should be used a as support card to help protect your sparky or night witch. She also works very well with the sentient blobs from the elixir golem. Because of the healer you will always be defending and counter pushing the same lane, this is because you get most value from her when all your units are inside her heal radius.

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Ice Wizard

Ice wizard is a solid defensive unit that works very well witch the Tornado. It’s also a great support card because it’s slow effect buys your units more time to shut down their defensive troops.


Sparky is a great tank killer and is also the ultimate support card. If the opponent doesn’t have rocket you can use her behind your king tower to start building up a push.

Elixir Golem

Elixir golem should only really be used at the bridge to tank damage for your surviving defensive units. Try to support him as much as possible and end the game in one push.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game focus on building an elixir advantage and working out what deck your opponent is playing. If you get the opportunity activate your king tower by using the Tornado, this is important against bait, hog rider, balloon, miner or bridge spam archetypes.

Late Stage Gameplan

Double elixir you should be aiming to build up one huge counter push to take down the opponent in one push. You can keep supporting your push at the bridge if you know you have an elixir advantage. Try to use the tornado and sparky combo to get good elixir value while also taking out their main defensive troops. Good luck with this deck!

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