Ash posted 2 years ago (updated 2 years ago)

Today we have Aslan on the channel sharing what is probably the strongest golem deck in the game right now! Its been a long time since we’ve seen mini pekka triple spell decks but the reason for their return is how strong they are defensively especially against the OP battle healer. The biggest tip I can give you guys for using a golem deck is to use your towers health as a resource. You can see from the replays that he isn’t afraid to take some tower damage in order to build up an elixir advantage. Use your spells in single elixir defensively, then in double elixir you’ll be able to use them to support the golem. Mini pekka is a great defensive unit that can be used against bridge spam units, hog rider, giant, miner and support cards like the musketeer, Valkyrie, battle healer etc. It also has a good amount of counter push potential so have your spells ready to protect her from swarm units. Poison is a great graveyard counter, switching lanes in double elixir can be key to victory too, in some situations you might need to tower trade. Against bait you have the log and zap. Baby dragon is great defensively against bait just be carful of their rocket.

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Golem is your main tank unit and I prefer to play him closer to the bridge rather than using him behind your king tower. Try to play your support units first then play the golem as they get closer to the bridge. Remember this guy has death damage which can help take out units while also getting some good tower damage.

Night Witch

Night witch is the strongest she has been in a long time and she the best golem support card there is! When starting out a push play her behind your king tower will allow her more time to spawn more bats and will also prevent your opponent pressuring opposite lane like they would if you played an 8 elixir unit behind your towers.


Zap is one of two small spells in this deck, use it to reset the inferno cards to help keep your golem alive for as long as possible. It can also be used against charging units like prince, ram rider, battle ram and even be used to reset a sparky. Use this card wisely it really can be the difference between winning or losing a match!

Early Stage Gameplan

Your main aim in single elixir is to survive without taking to much tower damage. You will want to play fairly reactively and make positive elixir trades where possible. Golem isn’t a card you should play in single elixir unless you have a good elixir advantage or you know they don’t have a good counter in cycle. Learn what deck they’re using and also what spells you’re likely to need to use offensively in double elixir.

Late Stage Gameplan

Double elixir is the time this deck shines, this is the time you can start to make bigger pushes and use your poison to support your golem pushes. With the new overtime rules this deck is definitely a stronger option to be playing. Once you have the elixir advantage you can steam role your opponent and try to get that three crown victory! Goodluck with this deck!

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