F2P Giant Skeleton Deck!
Ash posted 2 years ago (updated 2 years ago)

Tauron is back on the channel today after taking a break from the game and he’s back in style using off-meta giant skeleton balloon deck! This deck is incredibly defensive, the giant skeleton is able to block most pushes and the guards and log and snowball proof, they are great for helping you defend against prince and pekka or distracting inferno dragons. They can also be used to surround splash units like sparky, wizard, executioner for a positive elixir trade. Tesla is your main defensive unit, use it to kite units like hog rider and balloon away from your towers. Against siege archetypes Tesla will be important. Try to punish your opponent after a successful defence and have your zap ready or tornado to support your pushes.

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Giant Skeleton

Giant skeleton is a great tank and his death damage can do over 1000HP to the opponents towers. I He’s also important defensively because he can kill all the opponents support cards.


Tornado can be used in synergy along with the giant skeleton death bomb to help stop a push or used defensively with the splash of the baby dragon. You should aim to activate your king tower as early a second possible especially against bait, bridge spam and hog rider decks. You can also take a hit from a balloon then you can activate your king tower. Use this card to support your balloon in double elixir especially if they have swarm units like minions to counter your balloon.


Miner is an extremely versatile card that can be used to help chip away at the opponents tower throughout the match if you’re struggling to break through their defence. He can also be used to support your balloon pushes, pair him with the zap spell if you need to reset the opponents towers, this works well with keeping the giant skeleton alive for longer as well. Because this deck doesn’t have a log you might need to use the miner to snipe unit a like princess, dart goblin or even ranged units like the magic archer or musketeer.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game as mentioned above try to activate your king tower to help out on defence for the rest of the match. Learn what deck the opponent is playing and try to track their main air counters. If they play a couple of air counters early on you can go in with the balloon to punish them and try to get some early tower damage. For starting plays you can use the miner in the safe spot or if you like to play aggressively you could even pressure with the balloon at the bridge.

Late Stage Gameplan

Double elixir you can start to build up bigger pushes to try to overwhelm the opponent. Don’t be afraid to switch lanes if they set up for a defensive sequence in one lane predictively. Keep applying the offensive pressure to prevent them playing their deck how they want to. If you can see the match is going to sudden death try to acquire as much chip damage as possible.

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