Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Today we have RiUT on the channel sharing this deck that has two of the highest win rate legendary cards in the game. Magic archer and night witch are two of the most powerful cards in the game right now, the support they provide and defensive power is absolutely insane and if you use the magic archer correctly you’re sure to get good elixir value. This deck is spell bait archetype, it mainly forces the opponent to fireball you magic archer, flying machine or royal hogs but it can also be used bait out a zap spell by using your minions or night witch.

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Mega Knight

Mega knight shouldn’t be used too much in single elixir unless you have to use him defensively. Always counter push behind him after a successful defence and have your spells ready to protect him from the opponents defensive units. He’s a great counter to bridge spam units and his knock back effect works well against musketeers, wizards etc.

Magic Archer

Magic archer is a fairly high skill cap card and learning to use his unique ability to get maximum value can take a lot of practise. Use his range rocket your advantage especially if the opponent has spells like lightening or poison. Playing him more aggressively at the bridge to help deal with units can potentially help you get some early chip damage in too.

Royal Hogs

Royal hogs are your main win condition and should be used to pressure your opponent when you know they’re low on elixir or when they don’t have a good counter in cycle. If the opponent has a lot of counters to these guys then try split lane pushing or you may have to play to win using the new sudden death rules.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game play reactively to what your opponent does and try to get a small counter push together to see how your opponent defends. If they start out with a heavy unit like elixir golem or lava hound in the back or even a a sparky, then apply opposite lane pressure with your royal hogs.

Late Stage Gameplan

Double elixir you should be supporting your pushes a lot more with the units that you know will counter your opponents defence the best. You can also use your spells to protect your hogs or mega knight. Keep applying pressure to try and take a tower, against graveyard you might need to keep switching lanes so the opponent can’t build up a huge counter push.

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