OP 2.6 Miner Cycle Deck!
Ash posted 2 years ago (updated 2 years ago)

Today we have pedro15 on the channel sharing this super fast 2.6 miner cycle deck that I absolutely love. This control archetype allows you to easily out cycle some of the fastest decks in the game. This is a fairly high skill cap deck and it will definitely take some practice to master. You should also aim to make positive elixir trades because the minute you have an elixir disadvantage you’re going to be in trouble. With this deck the best defence is definitely a good offence. Against heavy decks with tanks you should punish them opposite lane as soon as they play their tank, use you’re hunter defensively and keep him alive by using your cycle units.

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Miner is your main win condition and is also a great mini tank for the rest of your units. He is best paired with bats or poison on offensive pushes however you should have the miner poison combo for double elixir. You can pretty much never go wrong with cycling this guy on the opponents tower to help keep up the pressure, just ensure you always switch up your placement to make it harder for your opponent to predict where he’s going to land.


Could we have been sleeping on the Hunter.... his use rates have increased considerably since the CRL world finals. He is extremely robust on defence because he can take out heavy tanks like golem, hound or giant while also been cable or handling swarm units. Try to protect him and keep him alive for as long as possible just like you would a musketeer in a hog cycle deck. At point blank range he can do as much damage as a mini pekka, you may need ice spirit to support him against certain units.

Ice Golem

For only two elixir this guy offer a lot of bang for your buck. He can be used to help counter minion hordes or even kite a 7 elixir pekka into the opposite lane. His frost nova can kill bats and skeletons and his high HP means he can tank damage for your towers or hunter and is also a great option against Xbow or mortar.

Early Stage Gameplan

This is one of the decks that you can use aggressively in single elixir, go in with a miner to start and see how the opponent responds. In most matchups you should be aiming to have the tower damage advantage when heading into double elixir. I know I said to go aggressive but try to save your miner poison combo for double elixir unless you can get good value from it during single elixir. Pair your miner with the ice spirit or bats and always take advantage of your counter push.

Late Stage Gameplan

Double elixir you need to keep up that pressure on the opponent while keeping your hunter alive. You can now use your spells to support your pushes especially if you know your opponents cycle and you can get good value from it.

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