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Today we have a Japanese pro on the channel sharing this sparky mega knight deck that he’s been using on ladder. Both the mega knight and sparky are heavy hitters, the sparky handles tanks and the mega knight can easily take down swarm units. The rest of this deck is a super fast cycle and you also have the tornado which has great synergy with the ice wizard and the sparky on defence. Use the rest of your cards to cycle on defence and get back to the other cards you need. This deck has an answer for almost anything your opponent throws at you, just be carful of giving your opponent rocket value with your sparky or the hunter.

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Mega Knight

Mega knight is primarily a counter push unit. His enter the arena ability should be used to maximise your elixir value. His can be used to knock back hog riders or kill support cards behind a tank. Try to counter push behind him and have your zap ready to protect him from skeletons or bats.

Ice Wizard

As you guys know ice wizard is one of my favourite cards in the entire game. His power on defence is absolutely insane and can help keep your towers or other units alive for longer. His best paired with tornado especially if your opponent has built up a large push.


Hunter is one of the most under rated units in the game. At point blank range he can almost do as much damage as a mini pekka and his splash damage helps him take out swarm based units. He can offer a lot of value for only four elixir so try to keep him alive for as long as possible just like you would a musketeer in a hog 2.6 deck.

Early Stage Gameplan

For starting plays you should play passively in single sand wait for the opponent to make the first move. Aim to activate your king tower as early as possible especially against hog rider, graveyard, bridge spam or bait. You can even activate against balloon if you have tornado in your starting hand!

Late Stage Gameplan

I love this deck in double elixir because you can easily build up a large push to overwhelm your opponent due to the cycle speed of this deck. You can also apply dual lane pressure just like today’s guest does in the final battle of the video. Goodluck with this deck everyone!

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