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Pompeyo is one of the best balloon cycle players in the world. What I love about this deck is you have three units that are capable of tanking tower damage for the balloon, these are the ice golem, miner and the goblin brawler. You should aim to get at least one balloon hit per game however if your opponent has a lot of air defence you can use this card as a miner chip deck too. You should also be aiming to control the tempo of the match, you can easily apply opposite lane pressure and you also have your spells which work great at supporting the miner and the balloon. Take any spell value you can and use the stun mechanic of the zap to reset units of required.

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Inferno Dragon

Inferno dragon will be your main defence against lava hound, golem, giant or even another balloon deck. If you don’t have an obvious use for this card in a matchup you can cycle it in the back so he can then potentially force a spell from your opponent or he can be used to support your other units.


Balloon is your main win condition and should be used to keep applying pressure throughout the match. Try to punish your opponent if you know they don’t have a good counter in cycle. Pompeyo likes to pair the balloon and the mega minion together at the bridge if the opponent doesn’t have a big spell in cycle. Remember this card also has death damage which can help you chip away at the opponents tower throughout the match.

Goblin Cage

Goblin cage has replaced the tombstone however if your cage isn’t up to level you can simply use the tombstone instead. The brawler is a great defensive unit because the cage can be used to kite units and keep them from locking onto your princess towers. The brawler also has some good counter push potential too.

Early Stage Gameplan

For starting plays the best one is goblin cage in the centre however you can also play miner in the safe spot. Learn what deck your opponent is playing and try to punish them when their key counters are out of cycle.

Late Stage Gameplan

You should now know hat deck the opponent is playing, use those to your advantage and try to bait out their air counters then punish them opposite lane. You can use the miner and spells to get chip damage if you’re confident you can defend using your other units. Goodluck with this deck and don’t forget to watch the video to see how pompeyo handles this deck live on ladder.

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