Ebarb + Hog + Freeze = Most Hated Deck EVER!!
Ash posted 2 years ago (updated 2 years ago)

Today we have MajorEbarbGod on the channel sharing this disgusting deck! You can see from the replays how he will bait out a defensive unit using the ebarbs then he will pressure with the hog rider. This works well against decks with defensive buildings. You can use the freeze with ebarbs, hog rider or pekka offensively however you shouldn’t play the freeze to aggressively in single elixir. Against beat down decks you have the mini pekka for their tank and the executioner for their support units, try to get as much damage in single elixir as possible and keep up the pressure to prevent them building up a huge push. Bridgespam can be a tricky match to face because one mistake will result in you losing the game. You should counter push at every opportunity and always have your spells ready to deploy either on defence or offence.

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Freeze should be used very passively in single elixir, use it on defence if needed but it’s best saved to surprise the opponent. It’s best paired with the hog or ebarbs on offence when you can freeze the opponents only counter to your push.

Ice Golem

I see a lot of people just cycling ice golem in the centre of the arena however for only two elixir you can use him to kite units into the opposite lane and potentially give you a counter push behind him. His frost nova can be used to kill bats or skeletons and it can be used with the zap to kill minions or goblins. He is your main mini tank of the deck so use him in double elixir to tank tower damage for your hog rider or ebarbs.


Executioner will be your main air defence so against heavy air decks you might need to protect him and keep him alive as long as possible. You can pair him with your spells to help defend against those bigger pushes from your opponent.

Early Stage Gameplan

In single elixir you can start out with the hog rider at the bridge. If you don’t have him in cycle wait 10-15 seconds for the opponent to make the first play and if they don’t try cycling minions, ice golem or zap. Freeze will mainly be used defensively in single elixir but keep up the pressure with the hog and ebarbs while relying on your other units for defence.

Late Stage Gameplan

One thing I love about this deck is the ability to apply dual lane pressure if you get a good elixir advantage. In double elixir you can start to use the freeze more aggressively to help you get that extra tower damage. Unfortunately you don’t have a big direct damage spell so you’ll rely on getting hog hits until their is only around 100HP remaining on their towers. Remember to use the one two punch of the hog and ebarbs.

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