OP Giant Cycle!
Ash posted 2 years ago (updated 2 years ago)

This fast triple spell deck brought to us by Morten is absolutely insane and is perfect for pushing ladder right now! You have two win conditions in this deck, the miner and the giant, you will use them at different times depending on what you’re up against or if you have an elixir advantage. The triple spells work great on both offence and defence, the zap works particularly well at supporting the miner and you will mostly use the log defensively against bait or bridge spam units. Against lava hound you need to know what ground units they have in cycle, if they play hound in the back you can play mini pekka at the bridge opposite lane to force them to play elixir defensively. You will rely on a lot of opposite lane pressure against air decks and you will have to use your fire ball for minion horde or lava pups. You can also use the skeletons to help take down the miner. Against heavier decks like golem try to take a tower early on and then potentially tower trade when they start to build up a bigger push. Use your spells against their support cards and use your mini pekka to deal with their golem.

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Night Witch

Night witch is the perfect support card for any tank out there, her spawn in bats help protect the tank and also distract inferno style units. When starting a push playing her first will allow her to spawn more bats and will also reduce the risk of the opponent rushing opposite lane.


Miner is your secondary win condition and you can use him to bait out the opponents defensive units which opens up the game for you to play the giant. He is also great to use against bandit or royal ghost if you’re facing a bridge spam deck. Always have your spells ready to protect the miner. If you have a small counter push you can play the miner to tank tower damage even if you only have a few bats left alive. Remember to always switch up the placement of the miner throughout the match.


Giant is your main tank and should be used to help protect the rest of your units. Never start out a match with him in the back unless your opponent plays a heavy tank first. Against graveyard you will rely on the synergy between the miner and the giant to slowly take their tower. You should have the giant tank damage while the miner chips away.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game try to use this deck as a miner cycle deck to see how the opponent responds. Don’t go to aggressive until you know what deck your opponent is playing. Miner is perfect for baiting out units which then potentially allows you to play the giant in back if they play units like mega minion, bandit etc.

Late Stage Gameplan

Double elixir you’ll be able to pair your miner and giant together as a one two punch. Try to support your pushes as much as possible and always apply counter push pressure. Towards the end of double elixir if the opponent has Around 1100 HP you can miner chip and below 700HP you can begin to spell cycle your opponent to end the game. In triple elixir you should use the miner spell cycle strategy more and I personally don’t recommend playing the giant at all.

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