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This combo deck is definitely getting a nerf inside the next balance changes so why not use this deck to finish off the season while it’s still extremely powerful! Elixir golem is a great card however the key thing you need to know is how aggressively to use him. Remember the opponent gets plus four elixir once they take him down so you should only support your elixir golem when your know you can kill all their troops otherwise you won’t have enough elixir left to defend with. On defence you can use him to kite units away from your towers and he’s a great last resort if you only have three elixir in hand. Against bait your main defence against the goblin barrel will be the barb barrel, aim to activate your king tower ASAP and use the bomb tower on defence. Mainly you should counter push with this deck by playing your egolem in front of your counter push units.

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Tornado has great synergy with the baby dragon and magic archer. Use it to help protect your units on offence. On defence it can be used to activate your king tower or pull all their units into the splash radius of the baby dragon. It’s a great defensive tool against hog rider and balloon as well.

Magic Archer

Magic archer is still a high skill cap card however you should be using his range to your advantage and keeping him out of spell range to your other units to avoid giving your opponent spell value. Because he can defend opposite lane you can then counter push the other lane and build up a push from there. You can place him at the bridge to support your units and also get tower chip if you get your geometry placement correctly.

Bomb Tower

Bomb tower is a great defensive unit that is great for kiting units into the centre of the arena. It’s death bomb is a good counter to units like royal hogs, if the opponent has royal hog you might need to play this card in the centre of the lane. It can also be used at the bridge against siege decks.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game try to activate your king tower as early as possible especially against hog rider, balloon, bait, bridge spam or graveyard. Always assess what deck your opponent is playing and learn what counters they have to your elixir golem and what their big spells are. For opening plays I would recommend waiting 15-20 second set to see if the opponent makes the first move, if they don’t you can play night witch or magic archer in the back and have bomb tower ready for defence.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir you can start using your earthquake offensively to support your pushes while also getting a ton of tower damage. The blobs do the most damage once the elixir golem reaches their tower so you should only ideally have another unit like baby dragon tanking tower damage. Once their towers are around 600-800 HP you can earthquake cycle for the victory!

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