Recording Breaking Lava Hound Deck!
Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Today we have Furia on the channel sharing this hound deck that he used to reach a new trophy record. This is by far the strongest hound deck out there and you can swap put the cage for tombstone if you don’t have it levelled up! Lava hound had been a stable archetype for a long time so why don’t you give it a go! Sometimes you need to tower trade when using this deck, use your spells to protect your supporting units. Pre placing your buildings can help defend against bridge spam and beat down decks.

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Use the miner to tank damage for the lava pups, play him just before the lava hound pops towards the back of their tower. If you’re against a bait deck you might need to use him against the opponents princess or he also works well against magic archer etc.

Lava Hound

Lava hound is your main win condition however the unit itself doesn’t do much damage so you need to have units behind her supporting her. You can place her at the bridge on a counter push, she is played in front of the baby dragon who can actually push her and make her move faster.

Inferno Dragon

Inferno dragon will be your main defence against heavy tanks likes golem, giant or lava hound however it can also be used against balloon. It can also apply a lot of pressure on its own and potentially force a spell or a defensive unit from your opponents hand, so if you don’t require it for defence try using it more offensively.

Early Stage Gameplan

The main aim in single elixir is to survive until double elixir where you’ll get most of your tower damage. However if you get a counter push opportunity I definitely recommend taking it unless you’re at an elixir disadvantage. You can start out with a miner but I prefer to wait for the opponent to make the first play.

Late Stage Gameplan

This deck will be a lot stronger in double elixir so if you’re at a tower damage deficit then now is the time you can pull the game back. Use your defensive units wisely and apply pressure once your elixir bar reaches 9.5 elixir.

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