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Today we have UNSTOPPABLE back on the channel sharing this deck that, at the time of the recording, had a HUGE 89% win rate! The best thing about this deck is how you can easily apply dual lane pressure after a successful defensive sequence. The two tanks in this deck, the miner and mega knight, are both cable of supporting your counter push units or tanking damage for your support cards. The zap spell can be used to help protect your units from bats or skeletons and it can also be used to re-target their tower onto your miner. Use your wall breakers, bandit and miner to apply offensive pressure, this will be important against graveyard decks in-particular and also lava hound decks. If they do have lava hound work out what spells they have and play your units accordingly and try to bait out spells if you need to.

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Mega Knight

Mega knight should mainly be used as a defensive unit because of his unique enter the arena ability. His high HP gives him a huge counter push potential and is a great tank for the wall breakers, bats, miner or even the bandit. His his knock back ability to help you defend against hog rider, royal hogs or other bridge spam units. Against pekka decks try to get value from this guy, don’t use him to make a negative elixir trade!


Musketeer will be your main air defence alongside the bats. Try to protect her and keep her alive as long as possible and potentially force a spell from your opponents hand. Use her range to your advantage when supporting other units. Against heavy air decks you should play her as much as possible and pressure opposite lane while cycling back to a second musketeer.


Miner is a great addition to this deck because it gives it an element of a control deck. He can also be used to snipe princess’, magic archer or dart goblin. He will mainly be used tank tower damage on a counter push, use zap to reset their tower and also protect him from defensive units like bats or skeletons.

Early Stage Gameplan

This deck is often better in single elixir because it can struggle against heavy decks in double elixir. Also try to figure out what deck the opponent is playing as early as possible. For opening playing you can use wall breakers at the bridge or play miner in the safe spot. Never waste your air units until you know what deck your opponent is playing. If they go aggressive in one lane I recommend tower trading because this deck often has match up advantage once you’ve taken a tower!

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir you should still apply offensive pressure however you still need to be able to defend what ever the opponent throws at you. Always counter push and try to get maximum value from your mega knight and spells. Apply dual lane pressure if you’re struggling to break through their defence or use the miner to chip away at their tower.

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