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Today we have Jake aka Tag back on the channel sharing what is perhaps the most broken deck in the game right now. Wall breakers have consistently had high win rates this meta and when paired with the best support card right now (magic archer) this deck is almost unstoppable. You have the miner to help chip away at their tower throughout the match and he has great synergy with the wall breakers, bats and even the skeletons. Use arrows to support him and protect him from swarm units that to opponent plays on defence. Tag will play aggressively with the wall breakers because it forces your opponent to react defensively. He doesn’t usually synergies the miner and wall breakers together , he prefers to use miner with bats or skeletons then when he has baited out a spell he can immediately pressure with the wall breakers. Valkyrie and bomb tower synergies well together on defence, the bomb tower can handle the tank and the Valkyrie can take card of their support cards. Use the magic archers range to your advantage when using him on defence however he is best played aggressively at the bridge to help chip away at the opponents tower.

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Wall Breakers

A lot of people don’t split lane push with these guys however if you do split them it’s extremely difficult for most opponents to defend them cost effectively.

Bomb Tower

According to Tag bomb tower is the best defensive structure in the game because is can counter golem and giants with ease and if your opponent plays an offensive balloon you can place this card in the middle and you don’t need anything else to defend making you a one elixir positive trade. If you’re against royal hogs play this card in the lane that they pressure so the death damage will hit all the hogs.


I love the miner and he is a secondary win condition in this deck. You might use him a lot more later game to help finish off the opponents tower, always switch up his placement to make it harder for your opponent to predict where he’s going to appear. Have magic archer ready to hit their defence units as they head towards the bridge. Against bait decks you might need to use him to snipe the princess or dart goblin while saving your arrows for the goblin barrel.

Early Stage Gameplan

Split lane wall breakers is the best opening play you can make when using this deck. You can also play the miner in the safe spot or cycle skeletons. Early game you should always aim to control the tempo of the match, keep applying pressure with the wall breakers. Learn what deck you’re up against and track their key units.

Late Stage Gameplan

As you approach double elixir you can’t allow your opponent to build up a huge push, especially if they’re running golem or lava-loon. Try to get all the spell value you can and build up a good elixir advantage. Don’t forget to watch the video to pick up some great tips on how Tag can track the opponents card cycle.

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