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This deck is brought to us by Chr15 Bell who has been using this deck inside the top 100! This quirky deck has no win conditions however it is really strong on defence and you have counters for most archetypes out there. With this deck you are playing the long game, so expect most matches to go into over time, play passively and what for the opponent to make a mistake which you can take advantage of and punish them. Against air decks you have plenty of defensive options including the bats which can be used to make positive elixir trades. Use the tombstone to kite units like hog rider, balloon, giant etc into the centre of the arena and away from your princess towers. If you’re up against bait you have the arrows and barb barrel to counter their win conditions, never give the opponent spell value and try to stack up your baby dragons.

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Inferno Dragon

Inferno dragon will be your main can defensive unit against those heavy tanks like golem, giant, hound, elixir golem or even units balloon or the mega knight. Try to protect him and keep him alive as long as possible. If you don’t need him defensively you can apply offensive pressure with him if you get the opportunity.

Cannon Cart

Canon cart has been added in replacement of the prince. This card is great to help defend against siege decks and also has a huge counter push potential. Use its range you you advantage and try to protect it with the lumber jack.


This guy can chop through anything and his spilled rage is great for applying counter push pressure with, especially in double or triple elixir.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game play patiently, learn what deck your opponent is playing. Apply light counter push pressure and see how your opponent responds. Try to make as many positive elixir trades as possible.

Late Stage Gameplan

Double elixir is the time you can start to use your counter pushes to manufacture an elixir lead, then you can hopefully pressure with a huge lumber jack push! You can see from the replays how all you need in one solid push to win the game! Goodluck with this deck everyone.

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