This Deck is like Cheating!
Ash posted 2 years ago (updated 2 years ago)

Today we have Alperen on the channel sharing this deck that he’s used to reach #1 in the entire world! We will be playing live ladder so don’t forget to check out the video! Your main aim when using this deck is to gain the elixir advantage, you can do this by using the pump or making positive elixir trades on defence. If the opponent ignores your elixir pumps then they’re going to be in a lot of trouble! Unlike the traditional Xbow deck you will be playing a lot of defensive Xbows especially early in the match. Always switch up your defensive sequence to make it harder for your opponent to make prediction plays.

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X-bow is of course your main win condition and it is a a solid defensive unit. It pairs extremely well with the Tesla and you can also use you knight, skeletons or musketeer to help support your offensive x-bows. Because of the range of this card it is a great defensive option that can be played opposite lane just like Alperen does in his matches.

Elixir Collector

The pump is in this deck instead of the fireball, so you will rely on the snowball and log combo for your spells. This unit gives this deck a third building which gives this deck an extremely strong defence. Use this card early game to help manufacture an elixir advantage, it can also force spells from your opponents hand too. Use knight or skeletons to protect this building from miners or goblins.


Musketeer and Tesla will be your main air defence but they are also great at defending ground units. She can offer a lot of defensive value so use skeletons or your spells to help keep her alive as long as possible.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game as I mentioned above you should be trying to manufacture a good elixir advantage. You can start the match with skeletons or cycling snowball on their towers. You can play the elixir pump if you have enough units in hand ready to defend in case your opponent rushes you! When you have a good elixir advantage you can punish the opponent and play the Xbow offensively.

Late Stage Gameplan

If you don’t think the match is going to over time you shouldn’t pump up to much. However most matchups will go into overtime so it’s often safe to use the pump as long as you’re not at a tower deficit. You can really spell cycle, (unless their towers are below 500 HP) so try to go offensive and protect your pump as much as possible. Don’t forget to check out their video to see some amazing high ladder gameplay!

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