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Today we have bebbefan on the channel sharing this deck! His deck has the royal hogs instead of the ram rider so you should aim to bait out the opponents fireball, mega knight or Valkyrie using your magic archer, ewiz or night witch before you can apply pressure with your royal hogs. This deck dose really well against siege decks because you have the earthquake and the royal hogs. If you opponent has a graveyard deck keep switching lanes and try to stop their tank at the bridge, magic archer, night witch, ewiz and barb barrel can all deal with the spawning larry’s. Battle Healer and Night witch are the real op combo in this deck, using them on defence will lead to a huge counter push if you can support them with your royal hogs, even just these two alone and easily take a tower if they’re left unchecked. Electro wizard (E-wiz) will mainly be used the reset charging or dashing units, his unique enter the arena ability gives you a second spell in this deck which can kill bats, skeletons or spear goblins.

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Earthquake actually pairs very well with your royal hogs on offence because it can take down their defensive buildings while also temporarily slowing down their troops and their princess tower. In double elixir or over time you might need to use this card to spell cycle, particularly against decks that have a lot of counters to your royal hogs. You will also rely on this card against seige archetypes.

Magic Archer

Magic archer is a key defensive unit in any deck, use his long range to help support your royal hogs on offence, playing him at the river will potentially allow some chip damage if you place him correctly. On defence you can play him opposite lane or even behind your towers, this will keep him out of spell range to your other units.

Barbarian Barrel

This guy will be your main counter to goblin barrel if you’re up against a bait deck. The single barb can also be used as a glass tank to help protect your other units. It can also be used as a cycle card if required as well.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you can start out the match with a magic archer in back, you can also play bandit at the bridge. Don’t over commit with your pushes, defend lightly and counter push. If the opponent has a heavy beat down or a lava hound deck try to keep up the pressure to avoid them building up a huge push.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir you should keep up the pressure even if you’ve already taken a tower. Remember sometimes the best defence Is a good offence! You might rely on spell cycling against certain decks so it’s important to recognise this if your struggling to reach their towers with your hogs. Try to bait out their key counters like fireball before going aggressive.

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