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Today we a very special guest on the channel who has been a reoccurring person on the channel for the last four years... that guy is me! That’s right today I’m sharing a three musketeer, three musketeers used to be my bread and butter so I’m going to show you how they fit into the new meta inside clash Royale. The beauty of this deck is that your opponents would never guess that your actually playing a three musketeer deck, so this allows you to easily bait out their counters before you can go a head and punish them once you’ve learned their deck. This is ultimately a fireball bait deck, so you will aim to bait out their spells and punish them when you can. Some units like the musketeers and hogs won’t fully die to fireball so you can use a tank like ice golem or dark prince to help protect them. You can also apply dual lane pressure with this deck, you will need to do this against opponents that have two or three counters to your royal hogs, for example Valkyrie, bomb tower and fireball.

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Bomb Tower

Bomb tower will be your main defensive unit, it can be used to kite units into the centre of the arena, however if you’re against royal hogs play it in the same lane so it’s death bomb will hit the hogs. It’s a solid counter to graveyard and can be played at the bridge to help counter siege units as well.

Magic Archer

Magic archer will be one of your spell bait cards in his deck, try to avoid giving your opponent spell value and always use him range to your advantage. When using him defensively I recommend playing him opposite lane, when using him on offence try to get the correct geometry to also get tower chip when placing him at the bridge. Use your ice golem or dark prince to help protect him and keep him alive as long as possible!

Early Stage Gameplan

One of my favourite things about this deck is that you can never have a bad starting hand, also in the beginning of the match your opponent will never guess your playing three musketeers (until you actually play them) they will most likely see it as a bridge spam archetype. For starting plays you can either place the bandit at the bridge, cycle zap, play your hogs in the centre or play your magic archer.

Late Stage Gameplan

Even if you’ve taken a tower I recommend still apply light opposite lane pressure to force your opponent to spend elixir defensively. Remember this deck has a bridge spam element to it so if your opponent is on the back foot and you have a good elixir advantage, then keep up the pressure with your hogs bandit and dark prince. Double elixir is the ideal time to start using your three musketeers, they should be played behind your tower to avoid them all been hit with one spell. Good luck with this deck everyone!

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