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Today we have TOMMY on the channel sharing this deck that he’s been using on top ladder! This is a fun deck only and in honour of the ram rider boost I thought it would be a fun deck to share! With this deck you need to focus on controlling the tempo of the match, force your opponent to split their elixir between both lanes and apply pressure when you know you’re up elixir and because of how fast this deck cycles you’ll easily be able to use the ram rider when you know your opponents key counters are out of cycle. The ram rider can also be used defensively because of her snare ability, his makes her great for defending against balloons, hog rider, battle ram and also units like giant. You cycle units can be used to support the ram rider or make positive elixir trades on defence, use them to distract units but be aware of the opponents spells like log or snowball. From watching tommy you can see he will never cycle cards unnecessarily and will literally play them one by one of defence to avoid giving your opponent spell value.

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Ram Rider

Ram rider is your main win condition and as I mentioned above she awesome on the defensive end because she also provides you with a counter push. In double elixir you can literally have an endless stream of ram riders attacking the opponents towers.


You will mainly use the mirror on your bats or zap depending on what you need to defend against. Remember the first time you use the mirror it’ll be a surprise for your opponent and you can often make a massive positive elixir trade.

Ice Golem

Ice golem is one of my favourite cards in the game because he can offer so much value for only two elixir. Use him to tank damage and support your princess towers or as a glass tank for the bats. His frost nova can be used to kill bats or even skeletons which makes him great against graveyard or skarmy.

Early Stage Gameplan

At the beginning of the match you can start out with pretty much any of your cards besides ram rider or ice golem. Single elixir is the easiest time to gain a tower damage advantage, so ensure you counter push and apply opposite lane pressure when possible. Learn what deck the opponent is playing to help you know how to defend.

Late Stage Gameplan

Double elixir can be trick because you don’t want to be leaking elixir but you also don’t want to just be throwing down units unnecessarily. So playing the ram rider is a safe option especially if she’s behind and ice golem or along side an Ice spirit. Heal and be used to help the ram rider get that extra hit she needs to end the match! Goodluck with this deck!

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