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Today we have Shadow on the channel sharing this super easy to play deck live inside a grand challenge. This deck is similar to the royal hogs deck that I shared a few weeks ago, so with that been said (if you keep up to date on my guide😉) you will know that this is a fireball bait deck. The barb hut is fairly straight forward to play, never play it as your first card but once the match is under way it’s a good card to play in most situations. Against graveyard try to stop their tank at the bridge and use barb hut on defence, apply opposite lane pressure if you’re up elixir to either try and tower trade or force them to spend elixir defensively.

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Bandit is one of your key bridge spam units, try to place her correctly so her dash ability is activated. She can be tricky to defend against especially if the opponent doesn’t have many ground units like in the Pompeyo match in today’s video.

Electro Dragon

The e drag is great against helping you defend against sparky or inferno dragon decks. Use your spells to help protect it from ranged units like musketeer or magic archer. Remember he has a chain lightening effect which makes him great for defending against swarm units. Never play him behind your tower, he is a unit that should be playing on top of the opponents push to get maximum value.

Barbarian Barrel

Barb hut is your small spell and can be used to help defend against swarm cards like goblin barrel or goblin gang. He can also be used to distract units and prevent them from connecting to your tower. You might need to use this card to cycle through your deck due to it been one of your cheaper cards in this deck.

Early Stage Gameplan

As I mentioned above never start out with a barb hut unless the opponent makes the first play. In single elixir, just like every match, learn what deck the opponent is playing. Against beat down archetypes try to control the tempo of the match and always play the hut into the lane the opponent is pushing. Against quicker cycle decks try to build up a good counter push.

Late Stage Gameplan

Double elixir is the time you can start to apply dual lane pressure and use your fireball to help support your pushes. Keep stacking up your barb huts because they’re important on defence and also provide you with offensive pressure. Keep playing battle ram and bandit at the bridge to try and break through their defence.

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