New COMBO Deck!
Ash posted 2 years ago (updated 2 years ago)

Today we have PaRadox on the channel sharing this combo deck that he has been using to dominate ladder! This has an awesome offensive combo with the Royal Giant and the Pekka and it also has one of the strongest defensive combos in the game which is the ice wizard and the tornado! (Little Tip Royal Giant and Pekka often work extremely well together in war day battles!) The skeletons are a great unit to use to help make positive elixir trades and help protect you royal giant or ice wizard from single hitting units like pekka, prince etc. Ice wizard and mega minion are also your main air defence so against air decks try to always have one of these units in Cycle. You can also use the pekka on defence, especially against heavy tanks or even hog rider, then you can counter push behind her with the royal giant behind her, have your spells ready to help support them and protect them from their defensive units. On offence the royal giant pekka combo is very hard to stop, once you have a tower down you can play RG in the pocket! Fireball will be important in this meta against the magic archer and all the Royal hogs hat are going around, you also have the log which is great against bait and it’s knock back effect can be used to reset units as well.

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Ice Wizard

Ice wizard is one your key defensive troops, pair this guy with tornado on defence if they have a large push coming your way. Protect him from ranged units to keep him alive as long as possible. He can be used on the counter push to support an offensive Royal giant.


This mean girl is your main tank killer, against lava hound you can try to play her more offensively if you know your opponent doesn’t have many ground units. Use this card in combo with the royal giant to help apply some immense pressure, you can either have her tank tower damage or have the RG tank.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game it’s important to try to activate your king tower by using the tornado, this is essential against hog decks, bridge spam, balloon and also graveyard if you get the opportunity. In single elixir your main aim should be the defend and make positive elixir trades, try not to take to much damage and only apply light counter push pressure.

Late Stage Gameplan

Double elixir is when you can start supporting your counter pushes more, have your spells ready to help keep your units alive and take any spell value you can, especially if you can get tower chip damage at the same time. Learn what damage your two spells do when paired together in case you need to spell cycle (no one likes to lose a match because you miscalculated your spell damage!) Goodluck with this deck every!

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