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This is one my my favourite golem deck that I have shared over the last four years of Clash Royale and today we have Naythenyolo playing live on ladder for us! This is one of the most annoying decks to go against because it forces your opponent to constantly use their spells against your units. You also have the executioner and tornado which is one of the strongest defensive combos in the game. Now this is a 4.1 elixir deck so just like any golem deck sometimes you need to take damage in order to gain an elixir advantage which you can then use offensively. You can aim to bait out your opponents spells and then punish if they play their spells. Night witch is best played behind your golem because of her ability to spawn bats.

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Golem is your heavy tank and the aim is to build up a monster push behind this guy which can overwhelm the opponent and end the match with a three crown. Remember this guy has death damage which is actually capable of killing minions, goblins etc.

Dart Goblin

Dart goblin in my opinion is one of the most underrated cards in the game, his long range means he can be used to help defend against graveyard if you place him behind your king tower, keeping him out of poison range. His speed makes him a machine gun and he is a great support card to use to help defend your units, use his range to your advantage and keep him out of spell range whenever possible. He can also be a log bait card, this means he works well along side the skarmy which is also a bait card.


Executioner is a strong unit, use his along with the tornado to help shut down those bigger pushes. In double elixir you can use him behind your golem to help protect him and increase the golems chances of reaching their tower.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game wait for your opponent to make the first move, if you get the opportunity to activate your king tower using the tornado then definitely take it, even if you have to take a balloon hit! Your main aim in single elixir is to survive until double elixir while making positive elixir trades, if you have a good elixir advantage then go ahead and play the golem behind your king tower!

Late Stage Gameplan

Double elixir is when this deck is at its strongest because it’s harder for the opponent to punish you when you place your golem. Remember this deck has a bait element and it’s best played by constantly baiting out their spells and punishing them with your other units. This deck has no direct damage so you will rely on the golem reaching their tower to win the match. Goodluck with this deck and don’t forget to watch my video for some great tips on using this deck!

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