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This is a super effective and also extremely strong cycle deck and today we have Oresti on the channel for the first time sharing this deck! Cycle decks require you to be able to control the tempo of the match and constantly force your opponent to spend elixir defensively rather than on offence. Applying opposite lane pressure when your opponent places and expensive unit in the back will force them to spend elixir defending rather than fully supporting their push. Use your cycle cards to defend and make positive elixir trades. This deck has two mini tanks, the miner and the ice golem, both can be used to tank tower damage for the balloon and increase the chances of it connecting to the opponents towers. You can use the zap spell to retarget the tower onto your miner if necessary, sometimes you will need to use the zap to protect the balloon from bats or even allow the balloon an extra hit on the opponents tower. The balloons death damage can be vital in winning matches, especially if your opponent has a lot of air targeting units. So keep cycling the balloon and aiming to get as much chip damage throughout the match as possible, be careful not to give your opponent any form of spell value. Against graveyard keep switching lanes to avoid giving your opponent a strong counter push.

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Miner is an extremely versatile card, you might need to use him to snipe ranged units like magic archer, princess or dart goblin. Keep switching up his placement on their tower and use him to tank tower damage for your cycle cards or balloon.

Ice Golem

Ice golem is a favourite card of almost every pro player out there, and this is because he can be used to help manufacture positive elixir trades and his durability makes him great for defence and tanking damage on offence. For only two. Elixir he can be used to kite units into the opposite lane like prince, pekka, inferno dragon, ghost etc. He can also be used to help defend against graveyard by blocking their tank at the bridge or tanking skeleton damage. He can also be used to catch miners. If you have an elixir advantage use him as a tank for your balloon

Mini P.E.K.K.A

Mini pekka will be your main defence against tanks and also bridge spam units, she is great at taking down battle rams, hog rider etc and she also provides you with a counter push. If the opponent doesn’t have many ground units or swarm cards then use her more offensively.

Early Stage Gameplan

During single elixir you should be aiming to get a good amount of chip damage by using the miner and your cycle cards. Remember what air defence the opponent has and if they play two air targeting units early game then pressure them with the balloon to see if you can connect to their tower. Against heavier decks you should be aiming to go into double elixir with a tower damage advantage.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir the last thing you want is your opponent building up a large push, so keep up the pressure and make positive elixir trades on defence. Aim to get your balloon through their defence and try to take a tower, even you’ve you’ve already taken one tower you should always aim to go for the three crown or the other tower. Goodluck with this deck everyone!!

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