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This deck has been top of the meta for a few months now and it isn’t showing any signs of going anywhere! One thing I love about this deck is the ability it has to punish the opponent for only 2 elixir. Todays guest is KFC Clash who is an Australian pro and also a great YouTuber! This is a control archetype, you should aim to bait out the opponents counters then you can easily out cycle and punish them on offence. Bomb tower will be your main defence in most situations, against seige, sparky, hog, heavy tanks and balloon, this card can help protect your princess towers and it’s death damage can also help take down the opponents support cards. Use your cycle cards to defend and make positive elixir trades, they can also be sued to bait out small spells which could be used to counter the wall breakers.

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Magic Archer

From my time watching pro players the more aggressive they use the magic archer the better the opponent, this is because his chip damage on offence is important in any match and it can also bait out spells from your opponent. His placement is very important, learning the geometry involved with this card will definitely improve your overall game play. On defence use this guy opposite lane and keep him out of spell range to your other units.

Wall Breakers

Wall breakers are great to use to pressure the opponent and force a response from your opponent. You can pair this card with bats or miner on offence and it can also be split in the middle to apply dual lane pressure at the start of the game.


Arrows can help get a ton of damage throughout the match when you use them to support your miner or wall breakers. Take all spell value you can especially if you can also get tower chip damage. Use this card to manufacture positive elixir trades which you can then use against the opponent on offence.

Early Stage Gameplan

In Single elixir you need to learn what deck the opponent is playing, apply light pressure and acquire small chip damage, don’t over commit until you know what deck the opponent is playing. You can start out the match with split wall breakers or even play a miner in the safe spot.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir you can start to support the wall breakers more with the miner and arrows. In most matchups you should aim to have a damage advantage erode going into double elixir. Remember to keep using the magic archer to help get chip damage. Goodluck with this deck everyone.

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