2.3 Miner Cycle Deck!
Ash posted 2 years ago (updated 2 years ago)

Today we have the Egyptian pro CapGun on the channel sharing this high skill and extremely fast cycle deck that he’s been using high on ladder. This is by no means an easy deck to play, you need to be able to defend with your cycle cards while applying pressure with the wall breakers and the miner. Always try to make positive elixir trades with your cycle cards and counter push with them at every opportunity, you can easily apply dual lane pressure with this deck which you will need to do against triple spell decks or decks that have a lot of splash cards. Zap can be used to help protect your miner and wall breakers from the opponents defensive troops.

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Miner is your main tank in this deck, use him to help chip away at their tower throughout the match while also tanking tower damage for your wall breakers, bats or magic archer. You might also need to use him to snipe ranged units like princess, dart goblin or magic archer. Keep switching his placement up when you play him on their tower.

Magic Archer

One card you need to learn to play to have success with this deck is definitely this guy, learning his geometry and getting tower chip damage by using his long range is definitely key to success when using this deck. Use him aggressively at the bridge to support your pushes and also defend against squishy units that are heading your way. You can use this guy with tornado to group their units together and get extra value from this guy.

Wall Breakers

Wall breakers are a great unit to start out the match and should be used constantly throughout the match to keep applying pressure and forcing your opponent to spend elixir defensively rather than on offence.

Early Stage Gameplan

The best opening play is splitting wall breaker in the middle to see how your opponent responds. I highly recommend trying to activate your king tower using the tornado if you get the opportunity. You should aim to control the tempo of the match, this will force the opponent to play defensively and they’ll be unable to build up a counter push. You might need to keep switching lanes to to avoid your opponent building up a counter push. Aim to go into double elixir with a tower damage advantage.

Late Stage Gameplan

You need to avoid leaking elixir in double elixir, remember this deck cycles very fast so you can easily get back to the defensive units you require. Offence is definitely the best defence when using this deck. Use the miner on their tower to chip away on your counter pushes. Goodluck with this deck, I highly recommend watching CapGuns game play in today’s video so feel free to put me on mute and concentrate on his decision making within matchups.

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