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Today we have the Hog God Viper back on the channel sharing his signature deck that is incredibly strong! I absolutely love this deck because it has such a strong defence with the executioner tornado and it also has a huge counter push potential. You have three cycle cards in this deck, the goblins, ice spirit and log, use these in situations where you need to quickly get back to a certain card. Use the hog rider to apply pressure and also force a defensive response from your opponent. Defending is easy with this deck and you have the option to counter push same or go opposite lane with the hog rider. Tornado is a very versatile card that can be used with ice spirit to fully counter a hog rider or a balloon. It can also be used on offence to pull units away from your hog rider allowing him to get more hits. Take all spell value you can, especially if you can get tower chip damage at the same time. Valkyrie makes a great tank for the hog rider and on defence she is great against graveyard or dealing with the opponents support cards. Be smart and never over commit on offence, it’s always better to defend and then apply pressure!

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Rocket is great for helping you be a match during over time or towards the end of double elixir. One thing I highly recommend is learning what damage your two spells do when paired together, this will help avoid the situations where you loose a match by one or two HP. Use it in double elixir if you get spell value opportunity, you can see from today’s replays that Viper will happily use a defensive rocket if he doesn’t have any other options.

Hog Rider

Hog rider is your main win condition and is a great card to use to pressure your opponent when they’re low elixir, you can also apply opposite lane pressure to prevent your opponent fully supporting their push. The hog rider can also be used to kite certain units away from your princess towers and also provides you with a counter push. In single elixir you should only support him with ice spirit or goblins, unless counter pushing, however once double elixir hits you can start to support him with your spells or even play him behind your Valkyrie.


Executioner is a solid defensive unit that has great synergy with the tornado. He is your main defensive unit against air cards, you can use goblins or Valkyrie to protect him from pekka swings or a prince charge. If the opponent has a huge push coming your way then you will definitely require this card to defend.

Early Stage Gameplan

For opening plays you can go in with a hog rider or even cycle ice spirit or goblins at the bridge. I highly recommend trying to activate your king tower by using the tornado, this is important against bait, bridge spam, graveyard and hog rider. Try to learn what deck your opponent is playing and keep up the pressure with your hog rider, try to avoid giving your opponent any form of spell value on your offensive pushes.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir you can start to support you hog pushes a lot more and even make prediction spell placements. This is usually a one crown deck (unless you make your opponent rage quit) so in some matches you may need to spell cycle. Go check out the video to see how one of the best players in the world uses deck high on ladder!

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