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Today we have Sir Tag back on the channel sharing this ultimate troll deck that surprisingly works extremely well on ladder! The main thing with this deck is to get a sparky and golem down in double elixir, then if the opponent pushes opposite lane you have the mega knight to help defend their push. So because of this save your mega knight throughout single elixir then use the mega knight as a surprise. Try to build up a decent size push in double elixir. Stacking up those firecrackers can be hard for your opponent to deal with and they’re great at helping protect the golem, mega knight or sparky. Against inferno dragon or inferno tower you will need to time your zap spell perfectly to allow your golem to reach their princess tower. You can also use bats or skeletons to distract their inferno units. Against air decks you will need to play a little more aggressive to avoid the opponent building up a push that you can’t defend.

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I’m sure we can all agree that fire cracker is an extremely annoying card to go against due to her jumping back after ever shot. This also means you can use your bats or skeletons to protect her from the opponents units keeping her alive for as long as possible and potentially baiting out a spell from your opponents card cycle.


Sparky is the best support card for you golem and she is also a great defensive unit that can provide you with a huge counter push opportunity. When building a push play this card in the back first (unless the opponent has rocket) then play golem in front as she gets closer to the bridge. You can use tornado to pull units together or close to their princess tower, try to protect this card with your bats or skeletons and always have zap ready to help defend against skarmy, guards or goblin gang.


For one elixir these three little larrys can help you make positive elixir trades by defending and distracting units. They can be used to surround splash units including executioner or sparky too. They can also be used to help protect your ranged units the sparky and the firecracker. Obviously they are a cycle card but you should always aim to get some value from these guys when playing them otherwise you may as well just leak the elixir!

Early Stage Gameplan

Never cycle anything in single elixir, you should play passively and try to get to double elixir where you’ll have matchup advantage. Try to use the tornado to activate your king tower as early as possible then use your fire cracker, bats, skeletons and spells to defend. You can use your sparky against bigger pushes if required.

Late Stage Gameplan

Double elixir is the time you have a lot more elixir which is when this deck is at its strongest. Often you only need one push to win a match with these deck and it’ll usually be a tower race which is where your surprise mega knight comes in handy at stopping the opponent in their tracks. Goodluck with this deck don’t forget to check out the video to gain some great tips from the pro player Sir Tag!

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