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Today we have FloGeN on the channel sharing this new meta golem deck. This is kind of a combination of all the golem decks I’ve shared over the last few months. The main weakness of this deck is that there is no direct damage spell so you will still need to golem push even if they only have a couple of hundred HP remaining on their tower. You can easily overwhelm the opponent if you can successfully build up a big push behind your golem, just like all golem beat down decks you need to be comfortable in taking some tower damage in order to be able to invest more elixir offensively. The battle healer can be a great tool to use to help keep your support cards alive even after the golem has gone. The barb barrel will be your main defence against bait decks and he can also be used to hut ranged units like magic archer or musketeer that are just on the other side of the river!

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Golem is your main tank inside this deck however if you play him at the wrong time your opponent will likely punish you and take your other tower. I recommend playing him in double elixir after a successful defence just as your counter push units are crossing the bridge, play this guy in the back and they won’t be able to punish you because they have to respond to your counter push.

Electro Dragon

This is the most important card in the deck according to today’s pro! That’s because his chain lightening can be used to help stop charging units and also allow your cards to win the battle at the bridge. Try to keep play in the radius of the battle healer to keep him alive as long as possible.


Tornado is one of my favourite spells in the entire game because it can be used to activate king tower and it also has great synergy with the baby dragon. You can also use it on offence to pull units into the death damage radius of the golem or close enough to the towers so the electro dragons chain lightening can hit their towers.

Early Stage Gameplan

Just play defence until double elixir, don’t play golem unless your opponent makes any big mistake. Use you mini pekka you help defend against those big tank and she’s also great against hog riders or other bridge spam units.

Late Stage Gameplan

Double elixir is the time you can start to play your golems and build up those monster pushes. Remember to take some damage if you thing you can invest that elixir into three crowning your opponent. The two dragons and battle healer are the best support cards for the golem. Goodluck with this deck everyone! Don’t forget the watch the video to see some truly amazing gameplay from todays guest.

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