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Today we have EriFree on the channel sharing this newly buffed graveyard canon cart deck that works great on ladder or inside challenges. Graveyard is a good archetype to master, it can be used to win any matchup in the game if you try key learn this deck and understand the micro interactions. When using graveyard you need to wait for a good counter push opportunity, this deck is mainly about defending and counter pushing. Always have a unit tanking tower damage for the graveyard, this will allow more skeletons to build up and potentially bait a spell out of your opponents hand. Use your spells to support the graveyard when you know you can get good spell value, just throwing them down can be a waist of elixir and leave you short on defence. Speaking of defence the bomb tower and ice wizard will be your key units in single elixir, however using the baby dragon and canon cart in double elixir will provide you with a bigger counter push opportunity.

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For the best graveyard placements I recommend watching the video to see where today’s pro will place the graveyard in their tower, one mistake I often see is in correct graveyard placements which can activate the opponents king tower or get a lot less damage because it’s in range of the opposite princess tower.

Ice Wizard

Ice wizard is a key defensive unit inside this deck, he has great synergy with the tornado or he can be played behind the bomb tower to slow their units while also keeping this guy alive as long as possible. Against heavy air decks try to keep this guy in cycle to help you defend, you will most likely need to pair him with the tornado at the last possible second to help protect your princess towers.

Cannon Cart

Canon cart recently got a double a buff of 5% in both forms. This card has always been a solid unit to use with the graveyard because it can be used defensively and then you can easily counter push with it. Its range also makes it a great defensive unit that can be used to snipe units like musketeer, magic archer etc.

Early Stage Gameplan

During Single elixir it is important to learn what deck the opponent is playing, I don’t recommend playing to aggressively unless the opponent makes a mistake or they play a large tank in the back. Try to activate your king tower with your tornado, this is important against bait, bridge spam and hog rider decks! It’s also very important to do if you’re up against another graveyard player!! Don’t support your pushes too much, by this I mean you don’t want to throw down two units at the bridge followed by a graveyard with a supporting poison, this is investing to much elixir and you will be left with no elixir to defend their counter push.

Late Stage Gameplan

Continuing from the post above, double elixir is when you can start to support your graveyard with prediction spells if you know what your opponent is playing. You will mainly be pushing same lane as your opponent. Goodluck with this deck everyone don’t forget to watch today’s video!

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