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Hello and welcome to my first guide on Stats Royale, Please support my channel by liking and subscribing. Today I'm sharing this recently buffed canon cart deck that features my favourite card in the game, the graveyard. I love this deck because poison can be such a pain to go against when you're playing graveyard however you can easily bait it out using your furnace. The electro wizard and mega minion are your main defences against air decks, however because their are only two I recommend apply opposite lane pressure so the opponent can't fully support their push, this will be important against lava hound decks. When playing a graveyard you should always have a unit tanking tower damage, I prefer to have the Ice golem, barb or canon cart for this role. Poison is a great support card for the graveyard, you should only play it when you know you can get good spell value, particularly in single elixir.

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Graveyard is your main win condition and it's a card that requires patience to play, often you will only need one solid push to win the match because this deck is incredibly defensive. For the best graveyard placements check out my video to see where is place it on the opponents princess towers. You can use poison to support this card if you opponent has units in cycle that will die to poison, I prefer to wait until double elixir before pairing them together.

Electro Wizard

Eletro wizard has a unique enter the arena ability that basically gives you a second damage spell inside this deck. His stun mechanic can be used defensively against charging or dashing units and he's also a great counter to the sparky. He can also be used to help defend against bait decks.


Furnace is a great opening play that can be used to kite units like hog rider, ram rider, balloon and tanks into the centre of the arena buying you more time to shut down their push. It can also be played so the fire spirits spawn opposite lane, this is a great way to apply dual lane pressure against decks that cycle quicker than this one!

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game I like to simply react to what the opponent does and never invest to much elixir too early. If I have furnace or ice golem in cycle I will make the first play. As I mentioned above don't go to aggressive with your graveyard, because it can be hard to defend their counter push. Take all spell value you can against the opponents towers, if I can poison a unit that costs three elixir or more while also damaging their princess towers I will do so.

Late Stage Gameplan

Double elixir is when you can start applying more pressure on the counter push, you can start to use your poison to protect the spawning skeletons from their opponents defensive units, try to get as much spell value as possible. Remember you might not have played graveyard yet so if you opponent plays a key counter like poison or Valkyrie then go ahead and punish them. Once their towers are down to around 800HP you can spell cycle. If you've both taken a tower then playing an offensive graveyard with a unit like ice golem of canon cart in the pocket will stop their king tower targeting the graveyard. Good luck with this deck everyone don't forget to check out the video!!

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