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Today we’re taking a look at the newest card in the game which in my opinion is actually one of the worst cards in the game HOWEVER I think it works extremely well inside this deck! This bridge spam deck that also has an element of fireball bait inside it. The ram rider is a great card that can be used defensively against hog rider, balloon and other offensive units and she also provides you with a huge counter push opportunity. You have lots of air defence in this deck so you should have too much trouble against lava hound or balloon cycle decks. The bandit can be used to apply opposite lane pressure or you can use her when you need to cycle a card. Try to have the battle healer at the centre of all your pushes, this will help the ram rider reach their tower while keeping the rest of your support troops alive.

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Royal Delivery

This is definitely a unique card that in my opinion is in dire need of a buff or rework. However it is a good defensive option to use against minion hordes, goblins, goblin barrel, and also units like sparky or either of the princes.

Magic Archer

Surprisingly thus guy didn’t get a nerf last season. His range is what makes this guy so strong in my opinion because he can be played opposite lane on defence which will avoid giving your opponent spell value or he can be placed at the bridge to help acquire extra chip damage against the opponents towers.

Night Witch

Night witch will mainly be used as a support card. You can play her in the back if your opponents big spell is out of cycle or if you’re trying to bait out their spell. She still has great synergy with the battle healer and can easily overwhelm opponents towers.

Early Stage Gameplan

In single elixir I recommend playing defensively and then counter pushing, you don’t really have any cycle cards so always ensure you have enough elixir to defend. Bandit in the back is one of the best opening plays you can make, if she isn’t in cycle you should wait for the opponent to make the first play!

Late Stage Gameplan

Double elixir you should start to ramp up the pressure and take any spell value you can. Use your bandit and ram rider more aggressively especially after a successful defensive sequence. You can spell cycle if you need to in over time. Goodluck with this deck everyone don’t forget to check out the video!

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