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Fast cycle decks are definitely a challenge to play but if you fancy something different this may be the deck for you! I personally love this deck because you have so many methods of applying offensive pressure, the miner can be paired with bats to help bait out a zap spell. Or he has good synergy with tanking damage for the wall breakers or even the dart goblin. The wall breakers and dart goblin can both be used by them selves at the bridge if you know your opponent doesn't have a good counter in cycle. The ice golem can also be used as a glass tank however I prefer to use him on defence to distract siege units or kite troops likes pekka, prince ghost etc. He can also be paired with zap to kill minions. Use you zap spell to support your cards and increase the chances of them connecting to their tower for more damage. Against sparky decks the zap will be an incredibly important defensive tool.

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Wall Breakers

Wall breakers are great unit to use to apply pressure and force a response from your opponent. For only two elixir they often require a bigger elixir investment from your opponent to defend, especially if you can track their spells and also units like Valkyrie or ewiz. They're a great opening play if you split them in the centre of the arena.

Dart Goblin

Dart goblin can easily be the MVP of any deck he is in. His speed and range is what makes him so strong, he can be used to bait out a log or spell from your opponent or you can use him at the bridge to acquire some chip damage if the opponent doesn't respond in time. On defence you should try to protect him and keep him alive as long as possible. He can be played behind your ice golem or if you're against graveyard playing him behind your king tower will keep him out of spell range!!

Bomb Tower

Bomb tower will be your main defensive weapon in most matches. Use it to kite units into the centre of the arena and away from your towers. Against royal hogs you should play it same lane so they are hit by the death damage. It's also great against x-bow because it can be placed at the bridge to help defend, you the ice golem to tank damage. Against balloons you should use this card to kite then you can rely on bats or dart goblin for defence.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game it's important to try and gain a tower damage advantage without going to aggressive. Try to control the tempo of the match and always force your opponent to respond defensively rather than on offence. Making positive elixir trades on defence means you can go extra aggressive on offence. Learn what spells your opponent is playing and try to bait them out using the different methods of offence that i mentioned above.

Late Stage Gameplan

Double elixir is often all about miner chip damage and punishing the opponent when you get the opportunity. Against heavy beat down decks offence is definitely the best defence. So good luck with this deck and don't forget to check out the video to see some live GRAND CHALLENGE game play!

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