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Before we start don't forget to check out today's video video to see some live game play of this deck! Today I'm sharing this royal delivery deck which in my opinion is the best deck suited for the newest card. We also have the recently buffed canon cart which is OP on both defence and offence. The hog rider is your main win condition and getting him to the opponents tower throughout the match is what will win you the match. Make sure you learn what counters the opponent has and try to bait them out before you pressure with the hog rider. If you're against beat down or lava hound then pressure opposite lane with the hog rider as soon as they play their tank. This will prevent them from been able to fully support their offensive pushes the way they'd want to. Use your spells to make positive elixir trades, the rocket should be used on the opponents tower when you can hit a unit that costs 5 elixir or more. Use the skeletons to cycle as well as defending your ice wizard or canon cart.

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Ice Wizard

Ice wizard will mainly be used on defence to help slow down the opponents units, he can be paired with the tornado to help stop those bigger pushes with a lot of support cards. He is your main air defence so try to keep him in cycle against heavy air decks.

Royal Delivery

Royal Delivery is a unique card and it will definitely take some practise to get used to the deploy time. It is however great on defence because it can stop a minion horde, goblin barrel, princess and the spawning royal recruit can even stop a charging prince or a dashing bandit. You can use the royal recruit to tank tower damage for the hog rider, this provides you with a good counter push opportunity.

Cannon Cart

Canon cart is an important card inside this deck, use it on defence then counter push and try to get it to connect to the opponents tower. Use its range to your advantage and try to keep it out of spell range to your other units. You can use skeletons or royal delivery to help keep this card alive as long as possible!

Early Stage Gameplan

You can start out this match with a hog rider if you have him in cycle, you can also cycle skeletons or log. Aim to activate your king tower by using the tornado at the earliest opportunity, this is important against graveyard, bait and hog rider decks. You should play too aggressive in single elixir, mainly you should counter push with the hog and just play reactivity to what the opponent does. The only time you should go super aggressive is if the opponent makes a mistake.

Late Stage Gameplan

Double elixir is the time you can start to apply more offensive pressure, you can also make predictive log placements if you know what units your opponent has in cycle. In some matches you will need to spell cycle by using your rocket and log onto the opponents tower. Learn what damage your two spells do when combined together and only rocket when you can either get spell value or when you know you can defend the opponents push. Good luck with this deck everyone!

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