Ash posted 2 years ago (updated 2 years ago)

Today I’m sharing this fireball bait deck that has the up and coming three musketeers! Recently the #1 player in the game was using this deck! I used to play 3M back in the good old days but unfortunately I never made it to #1 but the one golden rule I learned from pros I’ve had on my channel over the last year or so is to capitalise on the magic archer, a lot of opponents will fireball the magic archer which opens up the game for you to go aggressive with your three musketeers or royal hogs! One thing that I really love about this deck is the dual lane pressure you can apply just by gaining a small elixir lead, use ice golem and dark prince as your tank cards. Bomb tower will be your main defensive unit because it can kite building targeting cards into the centre of the arena! It’s also a great defensive tool against xbow, you will need your ice golem or dark prince to tank tower damage.

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Three Musketeers

Thee musketeers should never be played in single elixir, you should always bait out their spell before you ever place these three card. Playing them behind your king tower prevent the opponent been able to use their spells on them Immediately. Remember you can easily dual lane push in double elixir.

Ice Golem

Ice golem is a great unit for only two elixir, he is extremely versatile because he can be used as a glass tank or you can use him to kite units into the opposite lane. His frost nova paired with zap can also kill an entire minion horde. You will mainly use him to tank damage for your magic archer or the musketeers.


Bandit is a great three elixir unit that you can use to pressure your opponent when you need to force them to play elixir defensively. She can dash over the river and can also be used to help counter offensive miners.

Early Stage Gameplan

As I mentioned above you shouldn’t play three musketeers in single elixir because 9 elixir is a lot of elixir to play! For opening playing you can start out with the bandit, magic archer in the back or cycling zap. Play passively and react to what your opponent does, if you can successfully bait out a spell with your magic archer then go ahead and play the royal hogs to apply pressure.

Late Stage Gameplan

Double elixir is the time when you can start to play your three musketeers, however make sure you bait out their spells before playing them. If they have lightening you can tank damage with an ice golem and dark prince. Try to stack up magic archers and protect them from troop cards as much as possible. Keep up the pressure with the royal hogs throughout the match. Goodluck with this deck and don’t forget to check out the video!

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