Ash posted 2 years ago (updated 2 years ago)

Today we have white walker on the channel who is using an all legendary deck inside a grand challenge. I love these off meta decks because they can be great fun to play with and they also take your opponents by surprise! You should mainly use this deck as a lava hound deck however you will rely more on defending and then counter push with your surviving units. Tower trading can be a good tactic which will allow you more elixir to use on offence, you can use your ranged units to mitigate king tower damage if required. The night witch and lumber jack are best support cards for your pushes because the rage combined with the bats can be almost unstoppable. Use the miner to snipe their ranged units as well as a mini tank for the lava pups.

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Lava Hound

Hound should be tanking damage for the majority of your pushes, her slow movement speed allows you to build up a strong push behind her. Ideally you should have a night witch down and a lumber jack, just as she is about the die you should play your miner onto their princess tower to allow the pups to get more damage. Don’t play her in single elixir unless you can manufacture an elixir advantage.

Inferno Dragon

Inferno dragon is your main defensive tool against beat down decks, always counter with him. If you’re against an opponent without many air units then use this card more aggressively to see if you can bait out spells from your opponents card cycle.

The Log

Log will be your main defence against bait decks but it’s knock back ability can also be used to support your units on offence. In double elixir you can start to make prediction plays with this spell if you know what deck your opponent is playing.

Early Stage Gameplan

I prefer to play save with this deck and try to bide my time until double elixir when you will be able to invest more elixir into your pushes. Try not to take too much damage and apply light counter rough pressure. I prefer to wait for the opponent to make the first play however if your play style is more aggressive you can start out with the miner or the bandit.

Late Stage Gameplan

Double elixir is the time when you will often have match up advantage with this deck. Use your units to defend and play the hound at the bridge if you can save enough elixir. Use the miner to help take down their ranged units on defence and always answer the princess. Goodluck with this deck everyone!

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