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Today we have hazard back on the channel sharing this super combo deck. Because this deck is so defensive you rely heavily on counter pushing throughout the match and you will need to use Earthquake to help your hog rider reach their tower. As you can see from today’s video hazard likes to use his hog rider fairly aggressively, he will defend with magic archer, baby dragon and giant skeleton then apply counter push pressure with the hog rider! You can also use the hog rider to apply opposite lane pressure when your opponent is trying to build up a big push, this will force them to spend elixir defensively. Against graveyard use your units aggressively at the bridge to prevent their tanks crossing the river, activating your king tower can help mitigate a lot of damage throughout the match.

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Magic Archer

Magic archer is one of my favourite cards in the entire game, his long range make him a great defensive unit early game then in double elixir you can start to use him more offensively at the bridge to support your pushes. Try to protect him as much as possible from your opponents troops. If your opponent doesn’t have a big spell you can really punish them by stacking these guys up and getting a ton of value from them.


Tornado has great synergy with baby dragon, giant skeleton, bomb tower and even the magic archer. Early on in the match use it defensively to activate your king tower. One king tower is activated it can be used to make positive elixir trades against hog rider etc. For those bigger pushes you will often need to use the tornado to pull the opponents units into the death bomb of the giant skeleton, this can help keep your other units alive to provide you with a counter push opportunity.

Bomb Tower

Bomb tower is an extremely popular building right now. Use it to kite units into the centre of the arena so both princess towers can target their units. In single elixir it’ll be easier to use this card to defend, it’s also a great counter to xbow.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game your main aim should be to activate your king tower as quickly as possible, you can do this against balloon (by taking one hit) hog rider, knight, lumberjack, ghost, goblins etc, it is more important to activate against quick cycle decks where you will struggle to defend in single elixir. I prefer to wait for the opponent to make the first play however you can start out with goblins or a hog rider at the bridge.

Late Stage Gameplan

Sometime spell cycling is the way you will win a match up when using this deck. Often you won’t be able to break through with the hog rider so you will need to get value with the magic archer and the earthquake to get as much chip damage as possible. Goodluck with this deck everyone, check out the video to see Hazard playing this deck live inside the top 100!!!

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