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Today pro is using this deck live inside a grand challenge, this deck can be made using only arena one cards which makes it great for all players up to use! In a nut shell bait out their counters with the giant then punish them with the hog rider! From watching today’s replays you can see how you can apply pressure with a one two punch in almost every push. You’re goblins and skarmy are used in conjunction with each other to help bait out spells. Skarmy and also the mini pekka are great defensive units that can be used against heavy tanks, hog rider, battle ram, ram rider, bandit etc.

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Giant is one of your win conditions in this deck and he is best used with support cards like the musketeer or mini pekka behind him. He can be used to kite units away from your princess towers or into the opposite lane. This gives you a counter push for five elixir. Use this guy first then you can go in with the hog rider after he dies.


Musketeer is your main air defence, so against heavy air decks you will rely on applying pressure to stop your opponent fully supporting their pushes. You can use both your spells to help support her against lava hound or balloon cycle. I’m normal matchups use her range to help support your giant or she can be played in the middle to help defend opposite lane. Protect her as much as possible, this will force your opponent to use a spell against her if their units can’t take her out.

Hog Rider

Hog rider is your secondary win condition that will mainly be played to apply pressure once you know your opponent has used most of their counters. In double elixir you can start to support him with the spells. You should also counter push with surviving units like mini pekka or the musketeer.

Early Stage Gameplan

Goblins or musketeer in the back is the best starting play. You can also start out with a hog rider if you’re an aggressive player. Never play your two win conditions at the same time, wait for one to die then use the other one, you’re best using the giant first to help take out any defensive buildings then the hog rider can be sent in to deal damage to their princess tower. Don’t get to carried away in your offensive pushes in single elixir. You’re best defending then counter pushing, this will often prevent you going to aggressive.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir you can start to use your spells more offensively by taking any spell value you can or using them to support your pushes. You can also apply dual lane pressure if you’re struggling to get both units through their defence.

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