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Today I’m sharing this deck with kidkid, who is considered one of the best log bait players in the world live on ladder with you guys. The main main if any bait deck (hence the name) is you bait out their key counters and then punishing them with your other cards. Your main spell bait cards are the goblin barrel, goblin gang and princess. Once you’ve baited out their spell go ahead and apply pressure with your other units. Take all log value you can throughout the match, this deck is all about acquiring small chip damage throughout and keeping up the pressure and forcing your opponent to play defence rather than offence. Use your ice spirit to help protect and support your other units, including the inferno tower and the princess. It has a reset ability which can be useful against charging units like ram rider. Try to be unpredictable when playing your units, always switch up your defensive sequences to make it harder for the opponent to make prediction plays. Inferno tower will be a great defensive option against tanks, hog rider and balloon. Use it to kite units and keep the, away from your princess towers, it can also be a good zap bait card!

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Princess is an essential part of this bait deck. You should always protect her and keep her alive as long as possible, this will potentially force a spell from your opponent. You can see from today’s matches that kidkid will go aggressive at the bridge with a princess if he has a surviving inferno tower on the field to help defend their small counter push. On defence make sure you sure her long range by placing her away from your other units to avoid giving the opponent spell value. Against graveyard she can be placed behind the king tower to help defend the spawning skeletons.

Goblin Barrel

Goblin barrel is your main win condition inside this deck, it’s a great card to use to apply pressure and force a response from your opponent. Aim to bait out their small spell and have a unit like knight or ice spirit tanking tower damage just as this card lands. Juke barrels are best played late game and while your opponent is concentrating on defending other units.


The #1 rule with this card is to learn how much damage it can deal to a princess tower. You might rely on spell cycling in some matches and you don’t want to loose because you miscalculated the damage of this card! In single elixir you can use this card defensively against balloons or sparkies, always try to get as much spell value as possible.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game it’s important to learn how the opponent chooses to defend and what their key defensive units are. For Opening plays you can play goblin barrel onto their tower, princess at the bridge or cycle ice spirit. Remember take all log value you can but your rocket will mainly be used on defence in single elixir. Try to get as much chip damage as possible throughout single elixir.

Late Stage Gameplan

Double elixir you really need to control the tempo of the match against heavy beat down decks. Try to get as much value as possible from your spells and aim to stack up multiple princesses in the arena. I prefer to keep up the pressure even if you have the damage advantage in one lane you should apply opposite lane pressure. Most matches will go into over time or even triple elixir so be prepared to spell cycle later game.

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