#1 Mortar Deck! Ft The Legendary Egor!
Ash posted 2 years ago (updated 2 years ago)

Today I’m sharing an hour long video with two of the best mortar decks in the game played by Egor who is one of the best mortar players in he world! Egor prefers this deck out of the two, it is much more defensive and tends to be easier to play and it also provides you with a bigger counter push opportunity. The miner acts as a secondary win condition and he can be paired with the poison in double elixir. This deck has a one two punch, let me explain, you can apply pressure with the mortar at the bridge then when the opponent responds you can then use the miner to get some tower chip damage. In some matches, particularly bait decks, you will most likely need to use the miner to snipe range units like the princess or even magic archer. Spells can be used to support your two win conditions and the snowball should be used to help support the musketeer of you don’t need it on defence.

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I love the Valkyrie inside a mortar deck, she acts as a mini tank and is a great unit to rely on because she can help protect you mortar or the musketeer. In single elixir aim to defend with her and counter push, in double elixir you can start to use her more offensively at the bridge.


Poison is a great support card for the miner, however always make sure you get as much spell value from it as possible, if you can hit buildings or troops with this card while protecting the miner from swarm units then your getting he maximum value for your elixir. Against xbow you will rely on poisoning he xbow and the tower while sending in the miner onto their princess tower.


Musketeer is a great support card and she is also you main air defence which is why you should play her as your first card. If you are forced to play her in one lane and your opponent pressures opposite lane with the balloon you can kite it with the mortar into the range Of the musketeer. Protect her as much as possible to keep her alive and potentially force a big spell from your opponent.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you can start out the match with a miner, goblins or mortar. Don’t go to aggressive until you know what deck your opponent is playing but remember you have two win conditions in this deck which allows you to handle most matchups. Aim to chip away at the opponents towers while maintaining a good defence, try to stay one or two steps ahead of you opponent while constantly switching up your own defensive sequences.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir you can start to ramp up the pressure and begin using your spells to support your pushes. You can also apply dual lane pressure if you’ve been struggling to break through their defence, remember this is a chip cycle deck so don’t expect to take a full tower in one push. In over time and triple elixir you will mainly be playing your miner and poison for chip damage the mortar will be used defensively to kite units while splashing their support cards.

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