Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Today we have miniminter back on the channel sharing this miner control deck which I am a huge fan of! Pekka miner is so strong because you have so many options to win a match, you can win by miner chip, bridge spam, or building up a huge push. This is also a control deck because all the cards have great synergy on defence, for example stopping a bridge you can use a bandit, e-wiz or goblins. Most of your tower damage will come from miner chip in single elixir along with bandit pressure, then in double elixir you can start to build up bigger pushes and overwhelm your opponents. Keep up the pressure throughout the match, whether it’s miner, bandit, barb barrel or e-wiz, just keep up the constant pressure! Against graveyard apply dual lane pressure earns force them to split their units between both lanes, this will prevent them building up one huge push in one lane and allow you to defend with minimal elixir. You can also pekka in the back to help deal with the tanks then you can use goblins or barb barrel to help take out their skeletons. Against bait use your barb barrel against their goblin barrel and your e-wiz plus baby dragon on defence, use your miner to chip cycle in single elixir then build up w big push to overwhelm the opponent once you’re in double elixir.

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Miner will mainly be used to help chip away at the opponents towers throughout the match. He can also be used to snipe range units including princess’, magic archer, dart goblin etc. Only pair him with the poison when you can get good spell value from killing his troops. Playing him behind the opponents tower on a counter push can kite any defensive units back increasing the chances of your bandit or pekka connecting to the opponents princess tower.

Electro Wizard

Electro wizard is your main air defence and his enter the arena ability makes him a great defensive option against sparky, inferno dragon and also charging units like the battle ram, ram rider or the two princes. I also recommend protecting him on any counter push because he can offer a lot of value due to him been able to target two units at once.


Bandit is a great unit that can be used to apply pressure opposite lane and force your opponent to split their elixir. As mentioned above she is also capable of stopping charging princes. Learn her dash radius in case you need to use her to hit a unit on the other side of the bridge.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you will mainly rely on using miner for chip damage and taking advantage of any counter push opportunity you get. You can start out the match with goblins, miner, bandit or barb barrel to apply pressure at the bridge. Never support you miner with the poison unless you can get good spell value.

Late Stage Gameplan

Double elixir is the time you can start to support your pekka on he counter push or apply dual lane pressure depending which deck you’re facing. Once you’ve taken a tower you can use bandit in the pocket if they play units behind their king tower. Use miner to help chip away and always keep up the pressure even if you’ve already taken a princess tower!

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