Ash posted 2 years ago (updated 2 years ago)

This is the deck I’m using to complete my own in game challenge! I start out the video at 6-1 so stick around to the end if the video to see if I can win my own challenge! As you can see I have two shield units inside this deck, I love these because they’re resilient to small spells and also tank extra hits from the elite barbs. I recommend defending through single elixir and taking as little tower damage as possible, then when it’s double elixir you should unleash the big giant skeleton and the sparky. If you don’t have any of these cards at tourney standard try swapping them for other splash units like the baby dragon, bomb tower etc. You should use the bats to try to bait out a zap spell if the opponent is playing it, use your princess towers as a resource to help you defend. Guards can be split and the dark prince or giant skeleton and be played in the middle of the arena to kite units from both lanes.

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Sparky is a great defensive unit that can shut down waves of elite barbs throughout double elixir. Use her behind your other units and try to keep her alive as long as possible. Use her in double elixir and start to build up a big push and try to time it when your ebarbs will spawn.


I love wizard inside this deck, he can be used to bait out lightening which can also be used against your sparky. On defence play him behind another unit or behind the princess towers, his splash makes him great for stopping those raged up elite barbs!

Giant Skeleton

I mainly use giant skeleton in double elixir when your opponent has those bigger pushes, you can use this guy to completely clog up a lane and prevent any units reaching your princess tower. If you can counter push behind him he can act as a great tank for your other units.

Early Stage Gameplan

As I mentioned above I will mainly be defending and focusing on making positive elixir trades while taking as little tower damage as possible however you’re never going to be able to stop every wave of elite barbs but neither is your opponent, so just aim to minimise tower damage while learning what deck they’re running.

Late Stage Gameplan

Double elixir is the time when you can start investing elixir on offence, use your sparky to defend an opponents push then try to counter push. Use your spells to support your units and also take all spell value you can, especially if you can chip away at the opponents tower as well. Goodluck with this deck everyone! Check out the video to see myself playing the challenge live!

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